Self-Funding Fees

If you are paying for your own treatment you will be asked to settle the account following your out patient consultation with Mr Dighe. You can do so via electronic transfer or cheque. Currently, we do not have the facilities to take card payments over the phone. Prior to any inpatient procedures a ‘package price’ will be provided by the hospital which will include Mr S Dighe’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee and hospital fee. The hospital will require settlement of the bill prior to any inpatient treatment.

Insured patients

Mr Dighe is covered by all major insurance companies. If you are insured, please contact your insurance company prior to your first appointment to clarify what your policy covers and to ensure they will authorise your claim. Once you have received pre-authorisation for your consultation and/or treatment please let Mr Dighe’s secretary or the hospital know in advance of your first appointment. If your insurance company provides you with a new authorisation number during your treatment, please let us know this as soon as possible.

Patients with non-UK based insurance will be asked to pay on the day of treatment. Receipts will be provided so that you are able to claim costs back from your insurance company.

Payment Terms

Payment for all private patients, self-funding or where excess funds are due for insured patients is 14 days. If you are having trouble paying your bill please contact Mr S Dighe’s secretary to discuss your situation in the first instance. Non-payment could result in debt collectors being contacted. In the event of an unpaid bill being forwarded to debt collectors the patient or person responsible for paying the bill is liable for any and all costs incurred in recovery including Debt collection Agent fees at 20%, interest at 8% and a late payment charge per invoice as per The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

My Clinic Appointment

The clinics are easy to reach but it’s best to arrive 10 minutes early – there’s often a little paperwork to complete on the day. Appointments at the surgery clinic are usually around 15 to 20 minutes long.

If you have any useful medical notes or scans, please bring them along. In particular, CDs containing CT or MRI images are very useful and can be uploaded for ease of reference. Similarly, referral letters from your GP are very useful.

Please make sure that your insurance company knows you are attending and that the consultation is covered by your scheme. Depending on your policy, the consultation fee may only be partially covered, and you may be asked to cover the rest. Self-funding patients without insurance may be asked to settle their fees on the day.

After your appointment, you will be sent a copy of a letter summarizing your visit, the consultation with Mr Dighel and the treatment plan. Requests for additional correspondence (e.g. for work or travel) are happily accommodated.