Mr Dighe was very professional and made me feel at ease about my forthcoming operation. Not once was I apprehensive as I knew I was in very good hands. The operation went very well and I made an excellent recovery. Mr Dighe comes very highly recommended.


Mr Dighe had a good bedside manner and explained all that was going to happen. Now I have been discharged from the hospital. He explained what I could do and how long the healing process will be. So overall I would highly recommend him.


Our first meeting was short and slightly impersonal but Mr Dighe was professional at all times. I felt confident as Mr Dighe is highly experienced. During both my consultation and procedure, he explained things well which was very reassuring.


My operation was explained fully and I felt totally confident that I was in good hands. My queries were answered swiftly and succinctly. I was totally happy with my experience


Mr Dighe was very professional and caring, he understood my needs and made sure that I was happy with what he was planning to do


He is very kind and has a friendly manner. He took time to explain everything and answered all questions clearly and concisely. Gave me complete confidence in agreeing to have him carry out my operation. No delay on the day of operation. Everything went according to plan and I recovered well. Very happy and I totally recommend Mr Dighe as my surgeon.


An approachable surgeon who speaks in an understandable way for the layman


I can only hope more patients like me have access to Mr Dighe’s care and expertise. I could not recommend him highly enough. Now my acute acid reflux has been completely reversed and I am not on any medication at all. Mr Dighe takes time to explain everything, he listens and has a general calming presence yet remaining professional. Couldn’t ask for anything more, wished I met him sooner.


Friendly and gained my trust immediately. He clearly wanted to help and that helped to make me feel at ease. He listened, answered all my questions in what appeared to be an honest and open fashion. He offered all the options for my surgery and fully discussed the implications of the differing approaches.


Mr Dighe knows I have had an array of issues, anal polpys, haemorrhoids, fissure and tight sphincter muscle. His surgery has been life changing on a daily basis for me - please continue this medical surgery to NHS patients.


Very friendly, caring and willing to explain the procedure in terms that, as a non medic, I could understand. He also made an unscheduled trip to the hospital to see me when I was experiencing extreme pain after my operation


I went for my initial consultation regarding a potential hernia operation today and he was very professional and explained everything about the intended process, different to the nonsense letter from Dartford and Gravesham trust telling me to prepare to be there all day, just to speak to a consultant🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️